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30 seconds to mars - City Of Angels music video directed by Jared Leto features James Franco

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James Franco’s Apology Letter-David Letterman

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James Franco on His Roast - David Letterman

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James’ Interview on Actors Anonymous

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James Franco on the cover of Vanity Fair: I’ve been a bad boy

Milan, June 24
James Franco waits for the start of the interview sitting on a couch on the terrace of a hotel. She has just finished posing for photographs of this service and, in spite of 35 degrees, still wearing a wool coat. “You can take it off if he wants to,” she says. He, in response, he gets even more the collar: “I’m fine.”

Venice, September 1
James Franco chats talkative, bestows smiles and pats on the back, it makes self-portraits to the phone with colleagues and strangers. It is practically solar. And it is not because the two films that led to the Venice Film Festival have been well received, and it is not because we are the party for the 10 years of Vanity Fair, where he was soon rewarded: we speak of a man nominated, which is not has exactly need confirmation. Simply, James Franco is an enigma difficult to pigeonhole. From that last name that would suggest Italian and Spanish origins and instead is the legacy of a family-puzzle with love for art as the only common homeland: father born of a Portuguese island of Madeira and a Swedish writer for teens, mother heir of gallery Russian Jews. (…)

He loves projects “engaged” - actor, director, producer and screenwriter of films difficult, obscure novelist, film critic, painter, photographer, sculptor, plurilaureato university professor, activist for civil rights - but not ashamed to finance them Filmon Hollywood (the most recent being The great and powerful Oz) and switches between them, unexpectedly, in comedic roles, goliardic appearances in soap operas in the afternoon, contracts testimonial of the luxury soon take even a programmaTv, James Franco Presents. And who is annoyed by so ubiquitous activism you put your heart at rest: the boy is 35 years old, is just beginning.

Where do you find the time and the courage to put into play continuously on a hundred, thousand platforms? Apart from the fact that you have to deal with one of those lucky mortals who are able to double to 48 hours a day, James realized that in life it is better to say little and do much. Above all, he decided not to allow his main profession, that of an actor, to cheat. “When I limited myself to acting, I was always under pressure and had no idea life difficult for me and those who stood beside me: I now have more responsibility, but I also feel lighter, freer,” tells us in Venice at the feast of our ten years . Where, precisely because of his multifaceted talent from modern “Renaissance man” in Hollywood salsa, we at Vanity Fair - which we debuted on newsstands in 2003 while he, after the release of Spider-Man, he enjoyed his first fame - the we wanted to celebrate.

Moreover, it was impossible not to notice this year in the lagoon (…). There were two films by those who do not go unnoticed. In competition Child Of God, which he very well directed and performed by the excellent (and brave) Scott Haze, adapted from a novel by Cormac McCarthy very hard, and not by chance still devoid of an Italian distributor: to say, start with the subjective of the anal orifice of the protagonist, from which emerge the feces, following ‘clean’ with the help of a piece of wood collected in the forest (…). In the Horizons section, instead, Palo Alto, directed by Gian-Carla “Gia” Coppola (..). Palo Alto, the epicenter of Silicon Valley in California, is the city where James grew up. This way the highway - where Franco Sr., IBM engineer, had a home - the rich of the New Economy, beyond the black ghetto at the time of his adolescence “boasted” the highest murder rate in the country. The film, like the novel, is the story of boredom and existential uncertainties of a group of teenagers in the background of these contrasts. A somewhat autobiographical “Rebel Without a Cause.”

The acting was even then his passion?
“Yes, but not in Palo Alto seemed like a dream come true. I was convinced, rather, to be able to become a writer or a painter. Then I went to Los Angeles to study literature at the university, and there, seeing so many people who worked in the film industry, I decided to try it seriously, too. I left school, I enrolled in several acting classes and slowly, thanks to my efforts, I started to work. Until eight years later I decided I wanted more, I missed writing, and I took the university. “

It seems that succeed in anything she puts her mind to do.
“Maybe. At first it happened to me, the auditions, to see me slam the door in his face. I was frustrated, angry. Today, however, I know that, from now on even if everything goes wrong, I could not complain. I already had too many opportunities, far too much luck. “ (…)

At school, before starting to play, as it was?
“A very good student.”

But not exactly a great guy. Am I wrong or once got in trouble - she is now testimonial of the new fragrance Gucci Made to Measure - for stealing bottles of perfume in a department store?
“I was 13 years old and certainly did not do it for money: steal was a forbidden thing, and so exciting. Look, there is no contradiction between being a good student and one that combines mess, indeed. My parents are very smart people, brothers have always encouraged us to do well in school, and I I’ve never disappointed. But there was a time when, because I pledged myself to study so much, I needed to vent out, to do extreme things. This is why I ended up often in trouble. “

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James Franco on the cover of GQ UK

"James Franco wanted to be more than a movie star. Much more. So he became a director, an artist, a teacher universitiario, a poet, a writer, a student and a screenwriter. In the November issue of GQ, out Thursday, Stuart McGurk meets the man who is sleeping like an enemy to talk about his work addiction and the many projects that still in the pipeline.

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James Franco on THE COVER of Harper’s Bazaar China-Art issue

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James Franco blog :

Jake Gyllenhaal Is the Perfect Gumshoe in ‘Prisoners’

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James Franco - YOLO pics [installation]

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